The Lenggeng Recreational Forest is located in the 22nd compartment of the Lenggeng Forest Reserve. This spot is ideal to relax in, picnic, bathe or dip in and to indulge in other recreational activities. Rapids and natural ponds; plants such as ferns and wild orchids as well as insects and birds will make a visit here a memorable experience. Rock structures covered with native plants of various kinds, jungle trees that are hundreds of years old make suitable specimens for investigation and research by flora enthusiasts. The Lenggeng Recreational Forest in Lenggeng is preserved and maintained by the Negeri Sembilan Forest Department.

Facilities include a parking lot, gazebos, benches and camping sites. For the adventurous, the wildlife tracks and jungle treks pose as challenges for them to test their mental and physical strengths.

To reach the Lenggeng Recreational Forest, it would take a 30- minute drive from Mantin through Lenggeng and 20 minutes from Pekan Pantai. If one comes from Seremban, then one would need to take the road heading to Jelebu and after Pekan Pantai, turn towards Pekan Lenggeng.

Further Information:-
Negeri Sembilan Forest Department
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Tel: 06-765 9849