A 4.2-hectare park located in a 75 hectare Jelita Ostrich Show Farm is the first ostrich farm in Malaysia certified in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR). Not only the farm capable to breed but also they are able to utilize all types of advantages from the bird. The park is also offering various fun activities such as riding an ostrich and monkey show. The visitor also can have a taste of sate from an ostrich meat. Other livestock such as deer, camel, banting can be found in the farm as well.


This farm is also producing an ostrich based-oil product. Among the products are face lotion + vitamin E, hand and body lotion, facial wash and other products. The visitor may also buy gifts made out of bird’s material as a memorable item for your loved ones.



Located at Jalan Seremban – Jelebu (Jalan Pantai), 10 kilometres from Seremban and 10 kilometres from Pantai


Payment Rate

The entrance fee is RM8 and RM6 for adult and children respectively. Open daily from 9 am until 5 pm.

Further Information​
Jelita Ostrich Farm,
Lot 1504, Batu 6,
Mukim Pantai, Jalan Jelebu
Tel : 06-767 0707

Jelita Ostrich Farm

Jelita Ostrich Farm 2

Jelita Ostrich Farm 3

Jelita Ostrich Farm 4