The Melati Hill is located at Putra Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. The Name was given after a location which is next to Aman Desa Melati. For those who loves hiking, it is a perfect place as the hill has a medium height of 350 up to 370 meter according to certain area. Divided into few hills such as Centipede Hill, Monkey Hill, Cobra Hill, Eagle Hill and Mosquito Hill. For a steep area, a rope is provided to facilitate the climbing. The visitors may park their vehicle along the side road of Jalan BBN 11/4 and continue their climbing activity. The hill is also selected to be a location for the climbing events organised by the associations and non-governmental organisation (NGO). The visitors who wish to exercise is reminded to prioritise the safety of their family as well as their property.

Location :

For those who wish to come here you need to use Persiaran Negeri, then enter the Persiaran Golf and go straight towards to Jalan BBN 11/4.

Address : Isnin Hingga Khamis : 8.30 Pagi - 6.30 Petang

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: 06-7989 000 

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