A variety of unique dishes served to the visitors such as Mee Bandung Gearbox Kambing or Tulang, Laksa Claypot, Mee Bandung Ketam or Udang, Mee Sup Tulang, Mee Kari Ketam and Bakso. The prices are quite reasonable based on the size while the price of the seafood is based on the current market. However, the taste and flavour of each dishes really makes Semangkuk Batang Benar worth a visit. Apart from the main course they also have a delightful taste of dessert such as cendol served with durian, pulut, tapai or ice cream and special drinks such as lychee lemon coconut that will quench your thirst.

Address : Jalan Nilai-Pajam,Kg. Batang Benar,71800 Nilai,Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.

Operation Hour

: Monday to Thursday : 8.30 Am - 6.30 Pm

Phone Number

: 012-6641817
Menu  : Masakkan kampung, rendang ayam,masak lemak ikan sembilang dan banyak lagi