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Nilai Municipal Council was previously known as Seremban District Council (established on 1 January 1979), as a result of reorganisation of six (6) Local Authorities in Negeri Sembilan sec. 3 (a) and 3 (b), Local Government Act 1976, Act 171

  • Pajam Local Council (1957)
  • Mantin Local Council (1958)
  • Rantau Local Council Town Board (1959)
  • Nilai Local Council Town Board (1959)
  • Broga Local Council Town Board (1959)
  • Labu Local Council Town Board (1959)

Nilai Municipal Council was upgraded from Seremban District Council and the upgrading announcement ceremony was officially held on 2 February 2002. Nilai Municipal Council was entrusted to administrate eight Mukims (an area consisting of several villages) in Seremban District. Among Mukims under the administration of Nilai Municipal Council at present are:-

  • Mukim Setul
  • Mukim Labu
  • Mukim Rantau
  • Mukim Lenggeng
  • Mukim Pantai
  • Part of Rasah
  • Part of Ampangan
  • Part of Seremban

Among them are five complete Mukims. They are Mukim Setul, Labu, Rantau, Lenggeng and Pantai. The other three (3), Rasah, Ampangan and Seremban are shared with Seremban Municipal Council.