• As a role model in fulfilling the Council’s aspiration to provide an effective and reliable financial management


  • Ensuring that all Council’s revenue and expenses is carried out according to the effective financial code of conduct


  • Providing an effective and efficient revenue and expenses management in line with the Treasury Instructions and underlying regulations in order to achieve the customer satisfaction.


Reveneu Division

  • Receiving all type of public monies and issuing the Government’s official receipt. Some of Council’s collection such as assessment tax, license and permit payment, plan service and others.  
  • Managing and receiving a computerized payment and an electronic payment via appointed agent. 
  • Managing an assessment tax billing. 
  • Managing and coordinating with appointed agents in implementing e-payment including service charge, commission, rental and line charge. 
  • Maintaining and updating external collection data and agency collection as well as payment receipt. 
  • Coordinating the assessment tax (valuation cancellation, increament and reduction and others) between Finance Department and Property Valuation Department. 
  • Maintaining and recording the bounce cheque received from the bank.

Finance Division

  • Managing the Petty Cash Ledger.
  • Managing salary, allowance, wages, EPF and other staff salary deduction. 
  • Preparing the staff final salary slip and managing monthly salary slip statement.
  • Managing the travelling claim statement and overtime claim. 
  • Managing payment for all types of supply, service, maintenance and others.
  • Managing and updating the vot book. 
  • Maintaining the bill register, deposit register including cheque cancellation record.

Accoutn & Budget Division

  • Regulating the management and development expenditure according to the approved budget.
  • Preparing and updating monthly and annual accounts and reports for the Council. 
  • Preparing the financial report/information for Audit Department and other related departments.