• Excellent in taking care the people’s well being.


  • Providing an excellent service in every aspect in order to ensure the sustainability of the local community.


  • In order to ensure that the MPN able to achieve its objective, the Engineering Department will provide an efficient and systematic service including the infrastructure and street lights for the people in line with the requirement and development specified under the MPN area.


  • In order to achieve the objctives of this Department, this division is divided into two categories, Infrastructure and Engineering: -

Infrastructure Division

  • Responsible in processing the approval plan application for land, street, drainage (infrastructure) and street lights.
  • Monitoring at the site in relation to the approved plan.
  • Solving the public complaint in relation to the approved development.
  • Doing the site visit and certification in relation to the CFO support infrastructure.

Engineering Division:

  • Solving the public complaints in relation to the infrastructure such as street, drain and faulty stret lights as well as land slides.
  • Planning, building and maintaining as well as monitoring the Council development projects.
  • Organizing any applications/queries from the government and private in relation to the naming/displacement of other infrastructure.