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Main Menu

  • The NILAI INFO menu provides useful information about Nilai to portal users. Some of the information available in this menu is Transportation, Facilities, Background etc.

  • The MPN Source menu is link where users could refer for various information like List of Services, e-Services etc.

  • All important information about Nilai and the management is in the Nilai Municipal Council menu.




  • Calendar could provide indiction to users about events that occur on specific dates.

  • It also represents the Events submenu in the News & Events menu.

  • Users could know if there are any activities / programmes through the date that was marked.

  • Clicking on selected date will display activities / programmes for that day




  • SEARCH is located at the right of portal. It allows users tosearch for the information required.

  • At this time, the Search function is focused on the information in News & Events,Nilai Info, MPN Source (available at the left corner of every page).


Mobile Web



How to access the website using your mobile phone.

1. Make sure you phone is set up for 3G connection. (Contact your service provider if you are not sure).  

2. Alternatively, if your phone or PDA has WiFi connection, please enable your WiFi availability and search your preferred WiFi connection. (Please do note that most WiFi need to be subscribe).
3. Select the browser that is pre-installed in your phone (e.g. Internet Explorer , Opera , Safari , Web Mobile, etc).
4. Access the site using the browser by typing' and click OK/Enter/Submit.
    The display below will be shown on your mobile phone screen (it depends on the make and model of mobile phone used).


aunty aini

Figure 1 – Sample display of a typical smart phone

5. The mobile site will be displayed on your mobile phone screen. Click on links to read the content or continue sufing.

Figure 2 – Sample display of a typical smart phone

6. To return to the main page, click on the Laman Utama or Home link shown above.

Figure 3



Forum Usage Guideline

  1. All questions that touch on racial, political and religious sensitivities are strictly prohibited.

  2. It is forbidden to slander, make personal attack & post statement that could hurt the feeling of any forum members.

  3. Check your statement, avoid using harsh and provincial language.

  4. It is discouraged to chat or make posts that stray from the original topic.

  5. Topics and links to pornographic sites are strictly forbidden.

  6. Ensure your posts/topics does not violate any 'COPYRIGHT LAW', 'TRADEMARK', 'PATENT' etc.

  7. It is FORBIDDEN to use this FORUM as a place to hold any competition, pyramid scheme, getrich-quick scheme, internet money scheme, chainmail, junk-email for both commercial and noncommercial purposes.

  8. It is forbidden to upload files containing computer viruses like "Trojan Horses", "worms", "time bombs", "cancel boots" or any other software or programmes that could interfere with the operations of other users' computers.

  9. The FORUM administrators in any way does not validate, endorse, represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy or veracity of any posts/topics made in this forum. It is up to the individuals to understand that the risk relating to the veracity of the materials in this FORUM must be borne by the individuals.

  10. The FORUM administrators reserve the right to amend and delete any posts/topics at any time without informing the writer of posts/topics.

  11. The FORUM administrators reserve the right to amend the Forum Usage Guideline at any time without any prior announcement/notice.

  12. As a member of this Forum Community or while making a post in this FORUM, you are bound by the terms and conditions of the Forum Usage Guideline.


Forum Users Guideline



  • You are now at the registration page. The first thing you must do is register at this forum.

  • Most forums require the following information from you:

o Your name

o Your email address

o Your Screen Name

  • After you have finished entering the required information (fill all fields), click SAVE to save the data in the database.



  • fter you click SAVE, you will be directed to this page and your password will be sent to your email. It is a sign that you are already registered and a password will be assigned for you.

  • Enter the password given in the PASSWORD field and then click ENTER.



  • Click ‘I Agree' to enter Forum

  • fter you agree with the usage terms, this page will be displayed on your screen.

  • You must click on the Forum site or if Forum is not on the menu, you could click on e-Community and then on Forum.




  • This forum only allows registered users to reply to messages from the Webmaster and the Administrator.

  • Registered users could post comments by clicking on a topic under Category.

  • Registered users is not allowed to create new topics, but only allowed to reply or give comments.

  • You only have to click on a topic under the relevant category to post comments or send complaints.

  • You could type your comment in the reply field and click Save after you finished.

  • Your comment will be stored.