1. Who is the OSC Online applicant?
    The applicant is a qualified person who submits an application to the PBT in line with the related acts, among others including architect, engineer, planner and land surveyor.

  2. Does it necessary that the applicant registered with PBT?
    The applicant registration is using the single sign on concept whereby the applicant fill up and download the registration information only one-time at KPKT website and next to send it to own choice of PBT website. For security aspect on the document and due to the fact that each PBT is an own-planning authority, therefore they will generate their own password. The applicant is required to use these username and password when dealing with related PBT.

  3. What are the downloaded plans and document format?
    The downloaded plans and document are in the pdf format.

  4. Why in PDF format and not cadd file?
    The application file is smaller and lighter and does not overload the system and storage system. Besides that, no amendment can be made toward the plans and document by the reviewer.

  5. Does the hardcopy is still required during implementation of the OSC Online?
    1 to 3 complete set of document and plan is submitted as a proof of submission.

  6. When is the hardcopy being submitted?
    Within 3 days after the document and plan is delivered through online when the send button is activated.

  7. Does the e-signature approach is being used in the OSC Online?
    At this stage the applicant is still required to sign off the hardcopy which is sent as a proof of submission and other plans that are ready to be endorsed for the e-signature official approval issuance will be taking into account for the next improvement phase.

  8. How many days for OSC unit took to process the application?
    5 calendar days by taking into account the hardcopy submission within 3 days from the application delivery date through online.

  9. How long the downloaded items are stored before the application being deleted?
    The applicant will be informed on the items that required to be attached in order to complete the application before the OSC making the distribution. If the applicant failed to activate the account within 7 days period, the application will still be sent to storage. If the applicant still failed to activate within the next 7 days, the downloaded documents will be deleted. Any applicant who is still interested to submit the application, download and submission is need to be done all over again.

  10. Does the applicant able to review the application status via online?
    The applicant can review application status via online using ID and application ID. The project owner may also check their application status using the same method.

  11. There are internal or external technical agencies that still require hardcopy for review purposes. How can this be done?
    Any related agency is required to deal directly with the applicant to obtain the hardcopy. However, the technical agency is advised to take appropriate action from hardcopy reviewing method to online reviewing method in stages.

  12. What are the OSC Online main modules?
    Two (2) main modules are the e-penyerahan whereby the applicant is required to register, download and submit the application and e-pemprosesan whereby an internal and external agencies process the application.

  13. What is the OSC Online sub-module?
    There are eight (8) OSC Online sub-modules which are :


     e-Permohonan Applicant submit any application from 32-types of listed applications
     e-Permintaan Perkhidmatan Applicant submit application other than the 32 type of listed application
     e-Rujukan Listing out the other requirements related to development in a certain PBT apart from uniformity requirement listed
     e-Tanya Pre-consultation online
     e-Aduan To make complaint toward the OSC process and procedure related to the application
     e-Panduan Geographic Information Systems (GIS) information for related PBT
     e-Bayaran Submission for proof of payment related to development control
     e-Kad To evaluate and upgrade OSC Online services performance
  14. How does the processing fee settled through OSC Online?
    The processing fee can be settled through specified method by PBT which is online with selected banking institution or payment counter. e-pembayaran module under OSC Online only requires proof of payment to be downloaded together with the application.

  15. What if certain application which is using manual drawing, and they wish to be sent through online?
    The manual drawing must be scanned and downloaded in PDF format

  16. For application submitted through online, does it require updates to be made to OSC Portal?
    For any online application, update is not required to be done in OSC Portal

  17. What need to be done if there is a requirement to refer to other technical agencies which are not listed in the specified technical agencies?
    The additional technical agencies other than the listing can be done by the system administrator at respective PBTs.


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